Monthly archive for January 2009

Development of a National Transit Database (NTD) Tool for Vanpool Services

(Center Identification Number: 77715) The National Transit Database has requirements on how providers of vanpool services collect and report their data on service consumed and service provided. Current practices, however, often deviate from these requirements. Such deviations lead to poor data for policy decision-making and can result in

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Synthesis of Research on Value of Time and Value of Reliability

(Center Identification Number: 77806)  The objective of this study is to compile and synthesize current and past research on the value of time (VOT) and the value of reliability of time (VOR). Findings are summarized into an application-oriented document to provide practitioners with applicable ranges of estimates that

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2008 Student of the Year

Monique Ellis – 2008 Student of the Year Monique Ellis has been named the NCTR Student of the Year. She is a graduate research assistant at the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida (USF). She has assisted with the NCTR-funded project entitled, “Incorporating

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