Monthly archive for October 2008

Transit Ridership, Reliability, and Retention

(Center Identification Number: 77607)   This project explores two major components that affect transit ridership: travel time reliability and rider retention. It has been recognized that transit travel time reliability may have a significant impact on attractiveness of transit to many current and prospective riders. Accuracy of predictions of

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Programs That Match Seniors With Volunteer Drivers: Practical Recommendations for Organizations and Policy Makers

(Center Identification Number: 77717) Seniors need adequate transportation, not only to maintain their health and vitality, but also to stay active in the community and fully participate in life. Transportation is the essential link to basic services needed by the aging population. The problem that this research project

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TBEST Model Enhancements – Parcel Level Demographic Data Capabilities and Concepts for Park-and-Ride Modeling

(Center Identification Number: 77801) This initiative is intended to further enhance TBEST capabilities in two specific areas. First, this effort will develop a methodology for disaggregating zonal social demographic data to the parcel level so that more precision in the specification of transit stop walk to access

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