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Monthly archive for November 2007

Moving the Bus Back into Traffic Safely – Signage and Lighting Configuration Phase 1

(Center Identification Number: 77610)   With an increase in the number of bus pull-out bays in Florida, a growing number of bus operators find that it is very difficult to merge back into traffic from a bus pull-out bay. Some transit agencies do not support building new bus pull-out

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Developing a Printed Transit Information Material Design Manual

(Center Identification Number: 77710) Previous phases of NCTR research have shown that a significant proportion of the general public is unable to successfully plan a transit trip using printed transit information materials. There is evidence that such trip planning difficulties represent a major barrier to transit use among

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Emergency Ride Home in Practice Net Conference

On November 8, 2007, Florida’s Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Clearinghouse hosted a lunch and learn net conference on Emergency Ride Home in Practice.  View Recording

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