Journal of Public Transportation – Vol. 9 No. 2 (2006)

Journal of Public TransportationVolume 9, No 2, 2006  of the Journal of Public Transportation is now available.   Click on the links below for the full text version of the article or obtain a full text version of this issue. 

Public Transportation Decision-Making: A Case Analysis of the Memphis Light Rail Corridor and Route Selection with Analytic Hierarchy Process
Reza Banai, University of Memphis

Where Transit Use Is Growing: Surprising Results
Gregory L. Thompson, Jeffrey R. Brown, Rupa Sharma, and Samuel Scheib, Florida State University

Design of a Map-Based Transit Itinerary Planner
Christopher Cherry, University of California-Berkeley, Mark Hickman, University of Arizona, Anirudh Garg, CoreWeb, Inc.

Valuing Urban Bus Attributes: An Experience in Kolkata
C. V. Phanikumar and Bhargab Maitra, Indian Institute of Technology

Passenger Wait Time Perceptions at Bus Stops: Empirical Results and Impact on Evaluating Real-Time Bus Arrival Information
Rabi G. Mishalani and Mark M. McCord, Ohio State University, John Wirtz, Edwards and Kelcey, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

Large-Scale Transit Network Optimization by Minimizing User Cost and Transfers
Fang Zhao, Florida International University

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