Yearly archive for 2005

Teenage Attitudes and Perceptions Regarding Transit Use

(Center Identification Number: 576-14)  This study aimed to provide an understanding of teenagers’ attitudes and perceptions towards public transit, within the context of the wider issue of teenage mobility. The study found that there are a number of significant restrictions on teenage mobility in the United States,

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Case Studies in Environmental Justice and Public Transit Title VI Reporting

(Center Identification Number: 576-12)  The topic of environmental justice was identified as one of 11 priority areas for research by the Research and Technology Committee of the American Public Transportation Association (APTA). The objectives of the study were to identify state and national examples of environmental justice

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Impacts of Transit Oriented Development on Public Transportation Ridership – Phase One

(Center Identification Number: 576-10)  The purpose of Phase I of this study was to develop a research design to better establish the relationship between transit oriented development (TOD) and travel mode share. The initial hypothesis that good quality transit combined with good quality TOD would succeed in

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