Show Me the Money: How New Federal Legislation is Changing the TDM Landscape Net Conference

On December 1, 2005,  the National Center for Transit Research’s National TDM and Telework Clearinghouse at the University of South Florida and the Association for Commuter Transportation held a net conference entitled “Show Me the Money – How New Federal Legislation Is Changing the TDM Landscape

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A couple of years late and 835 pages long plus over 1,200 pages of the Conference Report, we finally have a new transportation bill, SAFETEA-LU. Buried within these pages are opportunities (and threats) to TDM programs such as changes to CMAQ and expanded provisions related to high occupancy toll lanes. We also have a new Energy bill and pending amendments that could increase attention on conservation and the higher cost of gasoline. ACT President, Jon Martz, and Jason Pavluchuk, ACT’s government relations representative, provided an overview of how these pieces of legislation will change our industry.

This 76-minute session, moderated by Donna Smallwood, MassRIDES/URS Corporation, featured presentations from the following:


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