Monthly archive for July 2005

Enhancing the Rider Experience: The Impact of Real-Time Information on Transit Ridership

(Center Identification Number: 576-15)  The document is an expanded progress report that summarizes work completed under FDOT Project BD549#13. According to the scope of the project, Task 1 was the Literature and Existing Systems Review and Task 2 was Needs and Technology Assessments. The attached report documents

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Update Methodology for ADA Demand Estimates: Lessons Learned

(Center Identification Number: 576-13)  The current and accepted standard for determining local impacts of ADA is found in the ADA Paratransit Handbook published in September 1991 (UMTA-MA-06-0206-91-1). This methodology was developed from surveys taken in 1978 and 1987, along with 1980 U.S. Census data. The current methodology

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