Journal of Public Transportation – Vol. 8 No. 1 (2005)

Journal of Public TransportationVolume 8, No 1, 2005  of the Journal of Public Transportation is now available.   Click on the links below for the full text version of the article or obtain a full text version of this issue. 

The Demand for Rail Feeder Shuttles
David Anspacher, DMI-SG, Inc Asad J Khattak, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Youngbin Yim, University of California at Berkeley

Using GPS Technology to Measure On-Time Running of Scheduled Bus Services
Philip Bullock, Qingjian Jiang, and Peter R Stopher, The Institute of Transport Studies, University of Sydney

The Demand Performance of Bus Rapid Transit
Graham Currie, Monash University

Innovative Public-Private Partnership Models for Road Pricing/BRT Initiatives
Patrick DeCorla-Souza, Federal High Administration, William G Baker, Urban Transportation Consultant

Review of Urban Transportation in India
Sanjay K Singh, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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