2003 Transportation Management Association Survey

(Center Identification Number: 526-10) 

This report provides the results of a survey that was conducted in the Spring of 2003, inviting all TMAs in the United States and Canada to participate. A total of 97 out of approximately 146 know American TMAs participated and 7 out of 8 know Canadian TMAs participated. The survey contained 70 questions on the topics of membership, services, personnel and policies, financial characteristics, and organizational characteristics. The general model for TMA development and operations is shared by both U.S. and Canadian TMAs. The central focus of U.S. TMAs remains policy leadership, advocacy and service provision. Survey results showed a continuing trend toward diversification of geographic service area definition, offered services, member groups, range in membership size, membership definition and travel markets. TMAs have made progress in securing adequate support staffing, incorporating the use of new technologies to achieve their missions and in the development of adequate compensation and benefits packages for TMA staff. More TMAs are now conducting employee evaluations and program/services evaluations. Less progress has been made in the area of following principles of association management, such as conducting work plans and strategic planning processes. Less progress has also been made in the area of developing dues and non-grant funding sources. Download the final report. For more information, contact Sara Hendricks at hendricks@cutr.usf.edu.

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