Access Management: Expanding the Congesion Management Toolkit Net Conference

On August 20, 2003, the National Center for Transit Research’s National TDM and Telework Clearinghouse at the University of South Florida and the Association for Commuter Transportation held a net conference entitled Access Management: Expanding the Congestion Management Toolkit.

Access management involves controlling access to land development to preserve the safety and efficiency of transportation systems. Careful location and design of driveways, medians, traffic signals, and freeway interchanges can reduce congestion while making travel safer. The TDM community may benefit from understanding that access management as one of the tools in the congestion management toolbox, whether or not we are the ones to use it directly.

This nearly 1-hour session featured Kristine Williams, Director, Planning and Corridor Management Program, at the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Ms. Williams explored access management’s potential to reduce congestion and improve safety on roadways and in developments. She is also one of the authors of the Transportation Research Board’s Access Management Manual.

In this net conference, attendees heard the audio portion of the live presentation via a toll-free telephone call and simultaneously viewed the PowerPoint presentation via Internet. This session included a 30-minute question and answer session between the panelists and the audience.

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