Public Transportation Synthesis Series: Building Transit Oriented Development in Established Communities

(Center Identification Number: 473-13 part 5) 

 This report provides a synthesis of the steps that established car oriented communities have taken to transform into transit oriented communities. The report identifies several approaches, such as the use of transit oriented design, focusing transit oriented development (TOD) around park-and-ride lots, making changes to land development regulations, parking management, offering development incentives, coordinating stakeholders, incorporating transit into future development/redevelopment, crafting TOD design guidelines, predesignating transit corridors, ensuring pedestrian and bicycle access, adapting transit services to the needs of suburban-style communities, offering location efficient mortgages and ideas for dealing with community resistance toward applying transit friendly measures to car oriented communities. This report presents a literature review with conclusions, an annotated bibliography and five case studies of communities that have taken steps to become transit oriented. These communities include Atlanta, Charlotte, Orlando, the Central Puget Sound Region in Washington and Denver. Download the final report.  Research conducted by Julie Goodwill and Sara Hendricks, AICP.  For more information, contact Sara Hendricks at

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