Customer Surveying for Public Transit: A Design Manual for On-Board Surveys

(Center Identification Number: 416-08 part 3) 

Presented is a best practices manual that describes the necessary steps in conducting a successful on-board survey of public transit customers. It was specifically developed for the public transit professional that has at least a rudimentary understanding of the purposes and procedures in survey research and is searching for specific guidance on how to “best” conduct an on-board survey of its customers. This how-to manual provides public transit professionals with a much better understanding of the total customer surveying process and its importance in planning and ultimately the highest quality service to the riding public. It describes the various components or steps of the on-board transit customer surveying process from specifying and clearly defined objectives, various methods of data collection, questionnaire construction, sample size, appropriate level(s) of analysis, accurate and truthful reporting of results, data entry, report writing, and data archiving. Download the final report. Research conducted by Michael Baltes. For more information, contact Joel Volinski at or Dennis Hinebaugh at

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