Land Developer Participation in Providing for Bus Transit Facilities/Operations

(Center Identification Number: 416-06) 

This report provides an overview of the various non-regulatory and regulatory approaches for engaging private sector land developer participation in contributing toward the provision of public bus transit capital facilities and the cost of operations. The focusing elements of this report include involvement by land developers regarding cases of new land development or redevelopment, in which there was provided funding or other contributions to public bus capital facilities or operations, under circumstances applicable to Florida localities. This report provides examples of the provision of both on-site and off-site bus facility improvements. This investigation included a review of case studies nationwide, and it is believed that most of the information in this report would be of value to readers nationwide. Case studies feature 16 examples from eight Florida counties or municipalities and 15 additional examples from nine other states. Download the final report.  For more information, contact Sara Hendricks at

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