Neighborhood Intermodal Transfer Facilities

(Center Identification Number: 392-16) 

Intermodalism is a topic that is fostered in the Transportation Efficiency Act for the 21st Century and Florida’s Growth Management Act; however, it can also be difficult to achieve. For this reason, it is important to develop new ideas and concepts that can be used to further the hope of diminishing continued problems associated with America’s love of the automobile and its superior convenience. Through its National Center for Transit Research, and under contract with the Florida Department of Transportation, the Center for Urban Transportation Research was tasked with reviewing selected small-scale transfer facilities, focusing on the interaction of transportation modes (e.g., bicycle, pedestrian, bus, park and ride). The purpose of the review is to determine the minimum characteristics required for establishing intermodal transfer facilities in neighborhoods, and the feasibility and implementation of such facilities. Download the final report. Research conducted by Laurel Land and Chandra Foreman. For more information, contact Dennis Hinebaugh at or Joel Volinski at

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