Analysis of Florida Transit Bus Crashes

(Center Identification Number: 392-05) 

Through its National Center for Transit Research, and under contract with the Florida Department of Transportation, the Center for Urban Transportation Research was tasked with reviewing a sample of transit bus crash occurrence data from selected Florida transit systems. The purpose of this review is to analyze changes in crash occurrence over time in relation to the effectiveness of training programs and capital safety improvements in reducing bus crashes. In addition to promoting safety, it is believed that this effort can serve as the first step in establishing a general list of safety campaigns, along with related costs and “rule of thumb” occurrence prevention effectiveness levels for each. A list of this nature will aid transit systems in Florida, the U.S., and elsewhere in the selection of safety campaign(s) that will meet their financial and safety goals. Download the final report. Research conducted by Joel Rey, Dennis Hinebaugh, and Jose Fernandez. For more information, contact Dennis Hinebaugh at

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