Continuation and Enhancement of The Public Transportation Promotional Materials Clearinghouse

(Center Identification Number: 416-10) 

Development of promotional and communications collateral can be an expensive and timeconsuming undertaking for public transit systems, especially in today’s environment of down-sizing and tight budgeting. An unfortunate consequence of such downsizing is the toll it takes on the marketing efforts of transit systems and TDM agencies whose marketing budgets are often required to do more with less. A survey of transportation professionals conducted by the Marketing Institute at Florida State University’s College of Business in 1995 revealed that one possible solution to this dilemma was the creation of a transit marketing clearinghouse. Ideally, this clearinghouse would archive marketing collateral from transit systems throughout the U.S. and provide transit marketers with on-demand access to this information. It was believed that such an exchange would help reduce the budget and time demands associated with the production of new promotional materials and promote enhanced communication between transit marketers. Download the final report. For more information, contact Joel Volinski at or Dennis Hinebaugh at

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