Analysis of Florida Department of Transportation Transit Corridor Program/Projects – Tech Memorandum #1 – Review and Summary of Transit Corridor Plans

(Center Identification Number: 392-01 part 1) 

The purpose of this project is to undertake a consolidated, comprehensive review of the Florida Department of Transportation Transit Corridor Program. The project team will review all transit corridor projects completed on or after July 1, 1993. Specific tasks associated with this effort will be the review of the project scopes defined in the joint participation agreements (JPAs) between the district offices and the various recipients; the identification of the goals and objectives of each of the projects and the milestones established as a measure of the progress in meeting and/or exceeding those established goals and objectives; and quarterly and final reports submitted by the grantee for the project. Download the final report. For more information, contact Joel Volinski at or Dennis Hinebaugh at

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