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An Overview of Yield-to-Bus Programs in Florida

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 14, Issue 2 (2011) by Huaguo Zhou, Stephanie Bromfield, Pei-Sung Lin

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Recommendations for Yield-to-Bus Traffic Control Devices and Bus Pullout Bays Design Characteristics

(Center Identification Number: 77939) To facilitate compliance with Florida’s Yield to Bus (YTB) law, this project focuses on the following objectives: •Identify the critical design features and prevailing conditions affecting the safety of the merging maneuvers of buses entering traffic from bus pullout bays. •Quantify the potential

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Forecasting Paratransit Services Demand – Review and Recommendations

(Center Identification Number: 77938) This research will assess the current Florida and national methodologies and techniques being utilized, document best practices, and identify new analytical tools for forecasting the demand for transportation disadvantaged services. This research will result in the development of an updated “Methodology Guidelines for

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