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Evaluating the State of Mobility Management and Human Service Transportation Coordination

(Center Identification Number: 77060-NCTR-NDSU05) The Federal Transit Administration and its partners have worked to build a transportation coordination infrastructure to improve community mobility. Recent efforts at coordinating human services transportation have focused on mobility management, emphasizing the needs of customers and using the assets of a number

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Improving Veteran Mobility in Small Urban & Rural Areas

(Center Identification Number: 77060-NCTR-NDSU02) The need for veteran transportation is growing rapidly because of the increasing number of older veterans as well as the numerous injured service men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently, for every fatality in Iraq, there are 16 wounded or injured

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Cost-Benefit Analysis of Rural and Small Urban Transit

(Center Identification Number: 79050-02-A) Problem Statement Transit systems in rural and small urban areas are often viewed as valuable community assets due to the increased mobility they provide to those without other means of travel. The true value of those services, however, has been largely unmeasured, and

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Estimating Demand for Intercity Bus Services: A Network Approach

(Center Identification Number: 79050-02-A) Problem Statement A significant need exists for creating a model to estimate demand for intercity bus services, especially in rural areas. Many states and rural operators are unsure about the potential demand for rural intercity bus service, and many of the existing models

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Development of Public Transit II Course – Scope of Work

(Center Identification Number: 79060-02-A) A new course, Public Transit II, will be developed and offered spring 2015 as part of NDSU’s Transportation and Logistics program. This class will expand upon TL 786, the public transportation class currently offered at NDSU, by going more in-depth in some topics

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