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Project UCARE: Uniform Commuter Assistance Reporting and Evaluation for TDM Programs

Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) places emphasis upon results and better management of programs for effective and efficient service delivery. With an increased focus on measuring performance, the transportation demand management (TDM) industry lags other areas of transportation. Without consistent methods of evaluating performance and calculating those benefits, the TDM community is at a distinct disadvantage when transportation investments are being considered at the local, state, and federal levels. This project sought to develop an accurate and sustainable online system to record data and use a consistent and defensible method for calculating the impacts of TDM programs. A literature review and a survey of TDM professionals were used to identify the key outputs and outcomes used today by commuter assistance programs. The data collection tool was pilot tested. The data from the survey … Read entire article »

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Yes, You Can: Making TDM Succeed in Small Urban Areas Net Conference

On February 7, 2013, Alexandria Stokman of Missoula in Motion and Kirk Montgomery of ACHD Commuteride Idaho, presented a net conference on the unique challenges small urban areas face when planning and operating transportation demand management (TDM) programs and services.  The event was moderated by Aaron Fodge, ACT Rocky Mountain Chapter president. View the recording and download the slides.  … Read entire article »

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MAP-21 and TDM Netconference

On July 25, 2012, Jason Pavluchuk with Pavulchuk & Associates, representing the Association for Commuter Transportation (ACT), provided a thorough review of Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) and its potential opportunities and challenges for the transportation demand management (TDM) community.  This 80-minute netconference was hosted by ACT and the National Center for Transit Research. View the recording and download slides. … Read entire article »

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Going to School on TDM – What Universities Are Doing for Sustainability netconference

On March 27, 2012, the National Center for Transit Research, the Association for Commuter Transportation, and Best Workplaces for Commuters™, sponsored the netconference, “Going to School on Transportation Demand Management – What Universities are Doing for Sustainability.”  The links to the recording and copies of the slides appear below. … Read entire article »

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The State of Telework in the U. S. netconference

Telework continues to spark the interest of workers and workplaces. Netconference presenters Kate Lister and Tom Harnish from the Telework Research Network provided a synthesis of their latest research on the state of telework in the U.S. You can view the recording (no recording key or password is required) and download a pdf copy of the presentation (7MB). Their presentation shed light on how telework has grown in recent years, who’s doing it, where they’re working, the barriers to its adoption, and where the trend might be headed. Attendees to the netconference gained a deeper understanding of the current and likely future state of telework. They heard about: How telework participation differs by industry, geography, income, and other factors What share of the nation’s workforce holds telework-compatible jobs The potential economic, energy-saving, and … Read entire article »

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