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Analysis of Visitor Satisfaction with Public Transport in Munich

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 17, Issue 3 (2014) by Diem-Trinh Le-Klähn, C. Michael Hall, and Regine Gerike  This study investigates the use of public transport by visitors in the city of Munich, Germany. It seeks to understand how visitors perceive public transport services and which factors influence their level of satisfaction. Data were collected from a survey in April and May 2012 with a random sample at selected tourist sites in Munich. Factor analysis resulted in four different service dimensions—traveling comfort, service quality, accessibility and additional features. Visitors were found to be generally satisfied with public transport services in Munich, and their perceptions are independent from most factors. View the full article or the entire Journal issue. … Read entire article »

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Critical Appraisal of Web-Based Passenger Information Systems

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 17, Issue 3 (2014) by Gaurav V. Jain, S. S. Jain, and Manoranjan Parida  Passenger information is vital for developing a user-friendly public transportation system. Websites are rapidly gaining popularity for public transport information dissemination, particularly due to their anytime-anywhere availability and their suitability for the multimodal applications and multilingual interface. Internet-based Passenger Information Systems (PIS), therefore, have become common in developed countries. The development of PIS for urban transport in India however, is at an experimental stage with very few operational deployments. This paper attempts to examine the current state-of-the-art features in Web-based passenger information systems in India and abroad, while critically evaluating the existing sources of public transport information in Ahmedabad as a case study. Ahmedabad, like several other Indian cities, has fixed-route regular bus … Read entire article »

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Improving Fuel Efficiency and Reducing Carbon Emissions from Buses in India

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 17, Issue 3 (2014) by Sudhir Gota, Parthaa Bosu, and Sameera Kumar Anthapur  There is a growing public transport crisis in India, with a tremendous increase in the number of private vehicles. Many public bus corporations are operating with net financial losses and rely on government subsidies to keep operations going; therefore, investment in new buses and technology upgrades is rare. Of the various expenditures that bus corporations incur, fuel costs account for 30 percent. There is a strong need to improve fuel efficiency of buses to not only improve the financial viability of the bus companies but also to reduce their environmental and related health impacts. This study analyzes data on more than 500 buses from 3 leading bus corporations in India and identifies measures … Read entire article »

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Rural Transit Fact Book 2013

(Center Identification Number: 77060-NCTR-NDSU01) Public transportation plays a fundamental role in the livability of all communities. Information on transit service availability and cost is necessary to efficiently and effectively meet rural community mobility needs. Financial and operating statistics can be used by agency managers, local decision makers, state directors, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), and lawmakers to assist in policy making, planning, managing operations, and evaluating performance. The Rural Transit Fact Book provides information to assist the transit industry in the United States provide efficient and effective service to rural communities. The intent of the Rural Transit Fact Book is to serve as a national resource for statistics and information on rural transit in America. This publication includes rural demographic and travel behavior data as well as financial and operating statistics for … Read entire article »

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State of Good Repair Performance Measures: Assessing Asset Condition, Age, and Performance Data

(Center Identification Number: 79060-02-B) Principal Investigator: Fabian Cevallos, Ph.D., Transit Program Director Lehman Center for Transportation Research (LCTR) Florida International University (FIU) 10555 West Flagler Street, EC 3609 Miami, FL 33174 (305) 348-3144 Background Public transportation plays a vital role in providing mobility and accessibility while supporting the growth and development of communities across the country. It also provides transportation alternatives and enhances the quality of life of citizens. To maintain an efficient public transportation system, there is a need to keep the existing infrastructure in proper conditions. However, there is growing concern that a significant portion of the nation’s public transportation assets are in need of capital reinvestment to maintain these infrastructures in working conditions. This concern is not just for public transportation assets, but also for many other transportation infrastructures such as highways, bridges, and transportation facilities. The … Read entire article »

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