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Developing a Method for Assessing National Demand-Response Transit Level of Service

Demand-response transit service is a major source of mobility for older adults and people with disabilities in urban and rural areas. Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant programs under sections 5307, 5310, and 5311 all have components designed to increase the availability of paratransit or demand-response service. However, there is little information in the National Transit Database (NTD) or elsewhere about the extent of demand-response coverage across the country. Therefore, it is challenging to know the gaps in service coverage and to understand unmet needs. The primary objective of the study is to fill the gaps in the data available from the NTD database to determine the demand-response transit level of service. Also, this study aims to develop a standard method for determining the demand-response service level of coverage so that geographic … Read entire article »

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A Tool for Assessing the Economic Impacts of Spending on Public Transit

(Center Identification Number: 77941) In this project, an Excel-based template tool was developed for transit agencies, local governments, and other stakeholders of public transit to estimate the economic impacts of spending on public transit. Features include the following: • Uses input-output multipliers from the Regional Input-Output Modeling System (RIMS II) (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis) to capture the direct, indirect, and induced effects of spending on public transit in terms of gross output (sales), value added (regional gross domestic product, GDP), labor earnings, and jobs (person-years of full- and part-time employment) for any study area consisting of one or more spatially-contiguous counties. • Explicitly considers whether spending originated from funds inside or outside the study area, whether spending was made inside or outside the study area, whether funds originated from borrowing, whether spending … Read entire article »

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Dynamic Delivery of the National Transit Database Sampling Manual

(Center Identification Number: 77933) This project improves the National Transit Database (NTD) Sampling Manual and develops an Internet-based, WordPress-powered interactive Web tool to deliver the new NTD Sampling Manual dynamically. The new manual adds guidance and a tool for transit agencies to develop sampling plans customized to their conditions but similar to those in Circular 2710.1A. Additionally, the manual adds requirements for a minimum sample size of 50 for all new NTD sampling plans and for the sample data to be used for developing new NTD sampling plans. The new manual is included in this report as an appendix. The Web tool can deliver the portion of the new manual relevant to the special circumstances of individual agencies that they specify through the user interface of this tool. Agencies can also … Read entire article »

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System for Transit Performance Analysis Using the National Transit Database

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 14, Issue 3 (2011) by Albert Gan, Feng Gui, and Li Tang  … Read entire article »

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Dynamic Delivery of the National Transit Database Sampling Manual

(Center Identification Number: 77933) The objective of this project is to move the NTD Sampling Manual from its current static delivery format to a dynamic delivery format. Instead of pushing an entire manual of many possible applications to the audience, the dynamic delivery format allows an user to pull the specific content that is relevant to the specific application. … Read entire article »

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