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Development of a Regional Public Transportation GIS Architecture and Data Model

(Center Identification Number: 77935) The objective of this project is to enable efficient and sustainable communication of spatial transit data between transit agencies within District 7 and FDOT District 7. This ability, in turn, will support the regional planning and operations efforts of FDOT District 7 and

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Developing a Technique that Predicts the Impacts of Transportation Demand Management (TDM) on a Transportation System

(Center Identification Number: 77809) Given declining resources, pressing problems, and environmental constraints, state departments of transportation (DOTs) are increasingly motivated to manage peak demand of vehicle trips as a way to mitigate congestion and improve overall performance of the highway system.

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Quantifying the Net Social Benefits of Vehicle Trip Reductions: Guidance for Customizing the TRIMMS© Model

(Center Identification Number: 77805) This study details the development of a series of enhancements to the Trip Reduction Impacts of Mobility Management Strategies (TRIMMS) model.

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TBEST Model Enhancements – Parcel Level Demographic Data Capabilities and Concepts for Park-and-Ride Modeling

(Center Identification Number: 77801) This initiative is intended to further enhance TBEST capabilities in two specific areas. First, this effort will develop a methodology for disaggregating zonal social demographic data to the parcel level so that more precision in the specification of transit stop walk to access

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