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Enabling Cost-Effective Multimodal Trip Planners through Open Transit Data

Enabling Cost-Effective Multimodal Trip Planners through Open Transit Data

(Center Identification Number: 77926)  This study examined whether multimodal trip planners can be developed using open-source software and open data sources. OpenStreetMap (OSM), maintained by the non-profit OpenStreetMap Foundation, is an open, freely available international repository of geographic data that individuals contribute about their communities.

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Open Government Data and Public Transportation

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 14, Issue 1 by Kenneth Kuhn

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Analysis of the Implementation Status of Impact of Transit Research

(Center Identification Number: 77934) In this study, NCTR will assess the implementation status and identify the outcomes and impacts of the results of the 40 FDOT-sponsored NCTR research projects that concluded in fiscal years 2007-2010.

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Development of a Regional Public Transportation GIS Architecture and Data Model

(Center Identification Number: 77935) The objective of this project is to enable efficient and sustainable communication of spatial transit data between transit agencies within District 7 and FDOT District 7. This ability, in turn, will support the regional planning and operations efforts of FDOT District 7 and

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Tracking Costs of Alternatively Fueled Buses in Florida

(Center Identification Number: 77927) The main objective of this project is to establish a recording and reporting mechanism for the performance and costs of alternatively fueled public transit vehicles operating in Florida. The data collected and periodically reported will enable policy makers to have actual field data

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