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Ridematching Software

The following list provides links to various types of ridematching systems.  The brief descriptions were provided by each vendor. Please see DISCLAIMER OF ENDORSEMENT and DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY.
An innovative rideshare solution that works nationwide but also can be tailored for a community. Appropriate agencies (i.e., TMA’s) can be set up as a “Sponsor” and, in turn, they set up the destinations for the community they support. Completely automated, a person can become a member, set up a ride and be viewing others wanting to rideshare in just minutes. Sponsors have access to the metrics of how many people are signing up, how many matches, etc. Sponsors can involve more of the community by creating customized “Welcome” pages for specific locations that can display that organization’s banner. Plus additional “Sponsor ID”s can be set up to let the transportation specialists of organizations check the metrics of their location. (10/30/03)

Amovens is a free ridesharing platform that enables people travelling similar routes to carpool together. It works like any other travel website: plug in your destination, the date and time you want to travel, and search our database to see who else is going your way. Or publish your own travel plans and find riders to help defray the cost of your trip. Get to know your potential carpool partners through the Amovens messaging system to help keep your private contact info private. Amovens works like any other travel reservation website. But instead of searching for an airline ticket, Amovens finds you available seats with people going your way. Tell us where you want to go and when, and Amovens will match with other users with similar itineraries. You can publish a ride with a broad destination (“Travelling to Boston from New York”) for long roadtrips. Find carpool partners for your daily commute by listing the address of the destination you need. (8/29/11)

Base Technologies
Base Technologies has been providing IT solutions to federal, state, and local organizations for 23 years.  Our KOMOTOR TDM management system is a comprehensive, web-based total TDM service that combines ride matching, management, measurement, and reporting tools in one product site. (09.16.10)

Carpool Application on Facebook
Facebook’s Carpool Application (powered by Zimride) is an online ride-sharing service that leverages Google Maps, a proprietary ride-matching algorithm and the trust building capacity of Facebook.  The intuitive application proactively builds the critical mass of users necessary to establish a reliable form of transportation at your university or corporation.  Carpool on Facebook is customized for your organization to deliver a new form of transportation to reduce costs, traffic and emissions. (added 1/21/09)
A carpooling commuters’ search engine. Commuters are matched up based on similar commutes defined by home and work zip codes. This system is no longer operating. uses the commuter’s precise latitude and longitude coordinates, easily available and free, to find the best matches for their trip among the other commuters in the database, based on exactly how close together they live and exactly how close together they work. The system works efficiently everywhere on Earth. Originally launched in November 2000, and already having several hundred users, the new version of, put online in July 2001, has a clean new look and includes several significant new features. The system now tells the commuter whether he or the other commuter should be the driver, has improved latitude and longitude look up functions, offers an inexpensive partnership program for other website operators, and even provides a PC version of its trip matching software as a shareware download. The system also includes features to maximize the user’s privacy and minimize potential abuse. (added to this website 7/16/01)
This secure ridematching and rideshare management program is available via the internet. Matches are based on user defined proximity, a variety of personal preferences, and time of commute. This self-serve system has various levels of security, limiting individual access to personal rideshare information while providing rideshare program administrators broader access. The program includes a built in CO2 savings calculator. Rideshare program administrators can add custom fields, contact users via e-mail, manage pool groups and access a variety of reports. To ensure active membership, the system generates monthly reminders to participants. (added to this website 07/06/01)

Commuter Register
This multimedia commute option information and matching publication provides: listings of car and vanpools, transit routes and schedules, park and ride lots, and articles and helpful travel tips. Commuter Register is a product of 2Plus, Inc.

This integrated enterprise ridesharing solution allows companies, authorities and organizations to encourage and foster carpooling among employees. As a market-leading provider of carpooling software, Comovee provides state-of-the-art ridematching technology for both business trips as well as commutes to and from work. As a web-based platform, Comovee works across all platforms, integrates seamlessly into existing corporate infrastructure and deploys as a fully customizable white-label software. (added to this website on 6/24/13)

Enroute Carpool by Pathway Intelligence, Inc.
Since 2001, Pathway Intelligence has been developing and delivering ridematching technology on a Canada-wide basis to the public, private employers, as well as regionally licensed systems in Metropolitan Toronto and Ontario ( and British Columbia, Canada ( Our software arose as an initiative from within the TDM sector and has continued to grow and evolve in this context according to the commute program needs and priorities of our clients. The Pathway Commuter Platform offers regions, TMAs, institutions, and employers a customized and cutting-edge complete commute management system that is simultaneously simple and user friendly. An intuitively designed and multilingual user interface is paired with a powerful administrative back-end for compellingly accurate results reporting, streamlined program management, and support for multiple skinned sites for tiered-groups (i.e. networks of TMAs) with both individual and aggregate administration. Integrated platform modules include Pathway En-Route: a Google-maps and geocode based ridematching solution; Pathway Rewards: a calendar-based incentive tracking system with support for all non-SOV modes; and Pathway SureRide: online emergency ride home registration and administration. System reports include tangible measurable results (i.e. emissions and miles saved) achieved through automated tracking and reporting of users’ actual carpooling habits. Additional integrated platform features include vanpool clustering, vanpool management support, user satisfaction survey and message engine. (added to this website 10/31/07)
A free service for connecting commuters, or travelers going the same way. It’s a good way to commute or travel inexpensively, and maybe even make a few friends, while reducing pollution, traffic, and dependence on oil. According to Yahoo and Google, is the top national ridesharing site, and it was rated “Best of the Net” by

A user-friendly transportation program designed by the Marketing Institute at Florida State University College of Business for use by commuter assistance programs. The primary function of the program is to provide commuters with information regarding pools. Creates and tracks successful pool formation. Demographic information about the pool can be stored in the database and accessed by the user. Provides the ability to create maps, reports, and statistical information regarding applicants as well as their employers. Another important feature of the system is its Guaranteed Ride Home Program compatibility.

GreenRide is Ecology and Environment, Inc.’s award-winning rideshare solution, selected by more than 60 clients in the United States and internationally. The GreenRide Connect Metro, Employer and Campus editions combine a user-friendly interface with rich content management and robust administrative features. GreenRide emphasizes responsiveness to our clients and is designed to free up administrators to focus on outreach and program development. Multi-tiered administration, social network integration, content management, advanced GIS capabilities, employer management, single-trip matching, raffle management, cluster mapping, savings tracking (energy, economic, environmental), comprehensive and exportable reports, vanpool management with NTD reporting, incentives and reward fulfillment, GRH, mobile access, fleet management, and paratransit integration are all available through the suite of GreenRide solutions. Founded in 1970, Ecology and Environment, Inc. is a publicly-traded environmental consulting firm with a staff of 1000 employees in the US and around the globe. (updated 10/13/10)

iCarpool ( is a Seattle, WA based company which provides online and custom branded hosted solutions for comprehensive commuter choice programs for employers and regional public agencies. iCarpool’s ride matching application provides user friendly, self service usage complete with interactive maps, privacy protection, high precision trip matching and support for all trip types such as daily commute, one time trips or real time (dynamic carpool) trips. The application also supports – multiple modes such as carpool, vanpool, bike, walk and transit, integrated GIS data such as park-and-ride lots, bike routes, multi modal trip calendar and integrated incentives provided by either employers or regional public agencies / TMAs / TMOs. iCarpool also provides administration capabilities at the employer level and the regional agency / TMA / TMO level to manage the program, provide and manage incentives such as GRH, Vanpool Financial Stipend, Carpool Permit or custom incentives. The administration applications provide tracking and reporting of emission savings, monetary savings, trip reduction details and powerful reporting tools. iCarpool also provides first-of-a-kind ability to extend program outreach and interest of regional programs through innovative high tech applications such as social networking and mobile phones.(added to this website 7/08/08)

NuRide is the nation’s first incentive-based ride network that rewards people every time they share a ride. Through the NuRide Network®, individuals can easily arrange individual ridesharing trips for work or pleasure and earn rewards for every confirmed trip they take. Unlike a traditional carpool, NuRide is flexible and casual with users being able to share a single ride without any ongoing commitments. Participants earn “NuRide Miles”, our exclusive reward points that can be redeemed for gift cards, gift certificates and other rewards from corporate sponsors.  (added to this website 1/10/07)

Ride Now!
This “instant-match” service encourages and makes it easier for current solo drivers to carpool. Web and cell-phone technology makes it flexible and convenient; parking space incentives encourage drivers to give dynamic ridesharing a try, and to continue using the service. Ride Now differs from traditional car pools; in this system, users do not form regular carpools. Instead, each ride match request is the basis for potentially new carpool arrangements. The system can give users a ride match within a very short time (say, 10 minutes). The idea is that with sufficient volume the system works very flexibly and conveniently for users, while using car pool parking spaces as an incentive for people to use the system. By enabling current drive-alone commuters to carpool, the system will free up parking spaces. The Ride Now system includes both web and telephone (“Interactive Voice Response”) interfaces.

RidePro is an integrated desktop and web based rideshare information solution. RidePro’s local area network interface is a comprehensive, client-server, menu-driven, Windows®-based application with integrated GIS mapping, Guaranteed Ride Home tracking, vanpool driver and roster tracking, vanpool cluster analysis, marketing module, and 25 pre-defined reports (including activity summary, community benefits, mode use analysis, etc.). Special Features include sending the output of RidePro’s rideshare match report directly to an e-mail message. RidePro’s web interface allows the public to create their own registrations and run their own match reports in a secure, confidential environment. The web component of RidePro uses the same database as the local area network interface, eliminating the need to reconcile different databases. Both interfaces support matching to carpools, vanpools, park-n-ride lots, public transit, telecommute centers, day care centers, bike partners, and bike routes.
This Seattle-based online ridematching system is simple. After typing in their email address and choosing a password, users enter their work location and the starting point of their commute – either a home address or a nearby intersection. To preserve privacy, home addresses are not displayed publicly. They enter their weekly work schedule and any daily variations. By return email they receive a confirmation code to complete their registration. They can instantly see a list of rideshare matches to whom they may email a rideshare request. (added to this website 03/19/01)

Over 100 million Americans drive to work every day – alone. At the same time traffic is congested in most US cities, the price of gasoline is increasing at twice the rate of inflation, and the amount of pollution being belched out by cars is simply staggering. Since we’re all going the same direction, why not get together? Simply, it’s tough – coordination is difficult, everyone has different hectic schedules, and let’s agree – it’s a little socially awkward. Ridezu is a mobile-social platform to help us all get together and massively change the way we get to work. Our mission is to get 30 million cars off the road, reduce costs for both driving and riding, and help improve the environment.

RideShark ( is a low-cost online map-based rideshare solution that enables registrants to find rideshare partners based on customized search criteria.  It is the only system to offer true route matching.  Banking grade security ensures data protection and user privacy.    The RideShark product group includes ridematching  based on a regional , TMA or secure cluster or  private organization.  RideShark includes modules for matching for carpooling, vanpooling, bicycling, walking and transit, a ERH module, RideShark Tracks for commuter incentive programs and RideShark Business Travel matching.   RideShark is multi-language enabled and has a comprehensive multi-tier administrative portal.   RideShark utilizes Geographic Information System (GIS) technology from Microsoft MapPoint, and developed by a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Seattle Smart Traveler (SST)
The Seattle Smart Traveler was the ridematching component of the Seattle Wide-area Information for Travelers (SWIFT), Model Deployment Initiative project and demonstrated the ability to use advanced communications networks to facilitate dynamic ride sharing for employees of a large organization.
The Chicago Area Transportation Study uses its proprietary RM 21 route-based carpool / vanpool ridematching software system to power its program in northeastern Illinois. This system departs from typical “mile-radius” searching by allowing users to chart their travel path. This path is then used to find matches of varying quality as determined by sameness of route, closeness of schedule, and matching of individual preferences. After registering, users are asked via automated emails about their satisfaction and continued participation in Administrators are able to use the RM 21 software to produce reports, conduct periodic surveys, and email information to rideshare applicants. A privacy policy is disclosed, and users, once registered,are taken to a secured site to search for new matches or update information. For more information, please contact Jose Rodriguez at (added to this website 3/17/05)

TwoGo by SAP
TwoGo by SAP is a consumer-grade, mobile and cloud-delivered ride sharing service for enterprises that was designed and tested as a solution for companies to support the ride sharing of employees as they travel to work. Unlike other solutions, TwoGo by SAP works from within your corporate Outlook or Blackberry calendar, native mobile clients (iPhone and Android) and allows for the flexible analysis of anonymized usage data. (added to this website 5/14/13)

Provides web-based commuter rideshare services for all geographical locations in Canada and the United States. This web-based application matches people who travel the same route and share the same driving schedule. The system is easy to use, minimizes travel through the use of nearest neighbor logic, provides security through the use of anonymous nicknames, Uses personalized Web pages for each commuter group and supports and encourages local sponsorships. The firm offers three commuter models to choose from: regional model, fixed destination model, and closed user group model. (added to this website 2/13/01)

Zimride provides well-designed rideshare systems that help build trust and a critical mass of users.  Combining Google Maps, optional social network integration and a proprietary ride-matching algorithm Zimride is enabling partner universities and corporations to offer their community a reliable transportation option.  Zimride is now working with 20+ universities and corporations. (added 1/21/09)

DISCLAIMER OF ENDORSEMENT: Any reference obtained from these web sites to a specific commercial product, process, or service does not constitute or imply an endorsement by the National Center for Transit Research located at the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida or its sponsors of the product, process, or service, or its producer or provider. The views and opinions expressed in any referenced document do not necessarily reflect those of the National Center for Transit Research located at the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida or its sponsors.

DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY: Neither the National Center for Transit Research located at the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida, nor any of its employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, or assumes any legal liability for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information from this report or the links to servers listed.

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  2. jamesbandy says:

    perhaps one of you guys can do one that offers a criminal backround check. the added securtiy might increase the popularity.

  3. Our university is looking for a robust ridesharing program that is easy for students and faculty to navigate. Can you tell me what the top product is in the industry at this time? Also, how do you rank the ones you have information on your website? Thanks.

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    Check out as well. It is a rideshare site aimed specifically at the cross-country backpacker.

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    Sorry but we do not rank the ridematching programs. Many of the products listed on this site can accommodate the needs for universities.

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    Thanks a lot for a good overview!

    You may consider to add Commute Greener!
    Its innovative RideShare features (one free open version and one for dedicated communities in cities or corporations, eg Bay Area in California; Nike dedicated in a company) includes not only proactive carpool suggestions but also public transportation alternatives and even bicycle options.

    It is an open innovation initative that gathers cities, universities and multiple stakeholders in a growing momvement.
    See for example:

    All the best and thanks again for yor efforts!

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  8. I’m living in Germany and I’m thinking about launching an German ridesharing concept in the form of a website and local forms at schools. Since the concept is quite popular why not give it a try.
    Does anyone here have experience in European ridematching concepts, it would be great if you can contact me in order to exchange some information and have a chat.

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