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Vanpooling Unplugged

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Vanpooling is one of the modes where the effort and pay-off in terms of vehicle trip reduction, vehicle miles of travel reduction and air quality benefits can be large. This page is designed to provide information from understanding the needs and concerns of the customers.  We also provide information on applicable regulations as well as views on the state-of-vanpooling now and in the future.

Vanpooling is also eligible for employer-provided Commuter Tax Benefits. You can read FAQ about Commuter Benefits here

Operating Statistics

Mode Vanpool Motor bus Heavy rail Light rail Commuter rail
Average Distance (miles) 33 4 5 4 23
Average Speed (mph) 36 13 21 14 34
Fatalities per 100 million miles 0.0 2.4 3.2 1.2 25.4
Passengers Served (millions) 8 4554 2430 259 311
Vehicle Miles (millions) 33 1719 558 41 2165
Source: National Transportation Statistics, 1999 (Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 2000)

Vanpooling NetConference
This 1999 workshop hosted by the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida used a combination of onsite instruction interspersed with two net conference panels. The following links allow you to view the PowerPoint presentations of the four speakers. The first panel session, Vanpool Marketing, participants heard on the phone from Byron York with 2Plus, Inc. in Cary, North Carolina focused his presentation on Vanpool Myths or Legends and Jon Martz with VPSI in Detroit discussed Vanpool Marketing. The afternoon panel session, Vanpool Operations, similarly linked Shamus Misek with Pace in Chicago who discussed The Pace VIP Experience and Syd Pawlowski with King County Metro in Seattle who spoke on King County Metro Vanpool Operations.

WSDOT's Do-It-Yourself-Vanpool Guide 

Southern California's 10 Steps for Starting a Vanpool 

King County (WA) provides forms, etc. for use by vanpool drivers and riders

Vanpooling - A Handbook to Help You Set Up A Program At Your Company Jan 1993 

Puget Sound Regional Vanpool Market Study (executive summary) (pdf)
Conducted in 1999, the Puget Sound Regional Vanpool Market Study was an eight-month long analysis of vanpooling in our six county region. This study is the first of its kind looking at vanpooling from a regional perspective and with an innovative, value-added merchandizing approach.

Vanpool Financing and Pricing Guide 
The purpose of this Florida Department of Transportation Research Center- funded guide developed by the TDM Team at CUTR is to help transit agencies and others starting a vanpool program understand the process of building value in vanpooling as well as develop effective financing and pricing strategies. More precisely, the guide shows how various vanpool operators are not in the "vanpool business" but the "people business."

2004 Vanpool Survey (pdf)
This study includes driver and rider survey results. RIDES for Bay Area Commuters in the San Francisco area has been conducting vanpool driver surveys since 1981 to better understand the needs and concerns of vanpoolers as part of RIDES on-going effort to improve vanpool services and marketing efforts. Also 1999 Vanpool Driver Survey

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations: Definition of Commercial Motor Vehicle; Interim Final Rule 
This material was prepared by the federal government to help describe the applicability of the Commercial Drivers License requirement to vanpooling. 

Vanpooling Unplugged: A New Direction for the Future
This TDM Clearinghouse article written by Byron York with 2Plus reflects on the evolution of vanpooling and provides a look forward to where vanpooling is going.

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