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The following links are designed to assist employers with the development of trip reduction programs and telework programs.

Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits (IRS' Final Rule) 
This issue (January 11, 2001) of the Federal Register contains final regulations relating to qualified transportation fringe benefits. These final regulations provide rules to ensure that transportation benefits provided to employees are excludable from gross income. These final regulations reflect changes to the law made by the Energy Policy Act of 1992, the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, and the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century. These final regulations affect employers that offer qualified transportation fringes and employees who receive these benefits.

Commuter Choice Tax Benefits Summary Table

Case Studies

Free worksite trip reduction software

Commuter Tax Benefit Promotional Materials


Commuter Choice Web  
This new EPA-website provides summary of employer benefits and  examples of employers who provide commuter benefits packages to employees.  Each of the following companies (Calvert Group, Geico, Intel, Kaiser Permanente, Nike, Pitney Bowes, and Walt Disney Company) have already made significant progress in providing commuter options and services to their employees.

Case Studies  
Examples of employer-based TDM and telework programs compiled from a variety of sources.

Commute-To-Work Fringe Benefits
Provides a summary table of the benefits to employers and employees from Internal Revenue Code Section 132(f). This section  allows employers to provide employees with up to $65 per month in tax-free commute to work fringe benefits for transit and vanpooling.

Steer Workers to a Less-Taxing Commute
This August 2000 article from the Society for Human Resource Management's HR Magazine summarizes the issues and concerns businesses have with administering the Section 132(f) tax-advantaged commuting benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Commuter Choice Tax Benefits for Employers and Employees 

Free software to predict impacts of an Employer Trip Reduction Program 
Software developed based on the actual experiences documented in 7,000 employer trip reduction plans.  Predicts change in average vehicle ridership and number of trips reduced per 100 employees. (Source: Center for Urban Transportation Research. A Florida Department of Transportation funded research project). 

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