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Telework case studies

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Case Studies

Telework Case Studies 

Provides a comprehensive list of case studies on telework or telecommuting programs at employers.  These case studies reside on other websites.  We grouped the case studies by state.

(31 case studies - courtesy of Commuter Challenge)

(8 case studies from a 21-month Telework Demonstration Project -Courtesy of the Metropolitan Washington (DC) Council of Governments)

(8 case studies -courtesy of Oregon Office of Energy)

(9 case studies -courtesy of Valley Metro)

(2 case studies - courtesy of Midwest Institute for Telecommuting Education)

(3 case studies - courtesy of Denver Regional Council of Governments/Ride Arrangers)

(State of California case study - courtesy of California Dept. of Personnel Administration)

(State of Florida case study - courtesy of Florida Department of Management Services)

(Massachusetts Telecommuting Initiative - courtesy of Massachusetts Division of Energy Resources)


TDM Case Studies - Employer 

Provides case studies on employer transportation demand management programs.

TDM Case Studies and Commuter Testimonials
(19 case studies of single and multiple strategies - courtesy EPA's Office of Mobile Sources) (pdf)

Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits -  courtesy of Arlington Transportation Partners' SOLUTIONS newsletter (pdf)

The National TDM Clearinghouse has been collecting case studies of demand management programs of all types.  We have added these under a special collection within the Help Desk. 


Telework Sample Policies


Telecommuting Policies at Colleges and Universities

Telework listserv 



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