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Project UCARE: Uniform Commuter Assistance Reporting and Evaluation for TDM Programs

Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) places emphasis upon results and better management of programs for effective and efficient service delivery. With an increased focus on measuring performance, the transportation demand management (TDM) industry lags other areas of transportation. Without consistent methods of evaluating performance and calculating those benefits, the TDM community is at a distinct disadvantage when transportation investments are being considered at the local, state, and federal levels. This project sought to develop an accurate and sustainable online system to record data and use a consistent and defensible method for calculating the impacts of TDM programs. A literature review and a survey of TDM professionals were used to identify the key outputs and outcomes used today by commuter assistance programs. The data collection tool was pilot tested. The data from the survey … Read entire article »

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Flexible Public Transportation Services in Florida

This synthesis research provides an overview of the current use of flexible transportation services in Florida through administration of a survey and subsequent identification and examination of case study locations. The research included a literature review to determine the prevalence of these service delivery methods, the way in which these services are being provided throughout the United States, and the experience of the areas implementing these services, as well as any lessons learned that may be identified through this effort. Based on the information collected during the literature review, the survey of the Florida transit agencies, and the subsequent follow-up and website searches, six Florida transit agencies were identified that provided specific unique flexible service routes. In-depth case studies, comprising interviews and site visits, were presented to document how each … Read entire article »

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Ridership Impacts of South Florida’s EASY Smart Card

(Center Identification Number: 77946) Smart card-based Automated Fare Collection Systems (AFCS) are being increasingly deployed in transit systems across the US. Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) has recently deployed such a system branded as the EASY Card. The South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA) also deployed the same system for Tri-Rail. The technology provides a stored value electronic purse or the choice of various period passes, and in that respect is similar to smart card systems in other US cities. The EASY Card system will be used as a case study to document some of the issues related to the ridership and customer behavior aspects related to fare policy when smart card systems are introduced. Given the benefits of such AFCS in terms of reduced fare evasion, cash handling fraud, transfer abuse and … Read entire article »

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A Tool for Assessing the Economic Impacts of Spending on Public Transit

(Center Identification Number: 77941) In this project, an Excel-based template tool was developed for transit agencies, local governments, and other stakeholders of public transit to estimate the economic impacts of spending on public transit. Features include the following: • Uses input-output multipliers from the Regional Input-Output Modeling System (RIMS II) (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis) to capture the direct, indirect, and induced effects of spending on public transit in terms of gross output (sales), value added (regional gross domestic product, GDP), labor earnings, and jobs (person-years of full- and part-time employment) for any study area consisting of one or more spatially-contiguous counties. • Explicitly considers whether spending originated from funds inside or outside the study area, whether spending was made inside or outside the study area, whether funds originated from borrowing, whether spending … Read entire article »

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A Qualitative Analysis of Bus Simulator Training on Transit Incidents – A Case Study in Florida

(Center Identification Number: 77701) The purpose of this research was to track and observe three Florida public transit agencies as they incorporated and integrated computer-based transit bus simulators into their existing bus operator training programs. In addition to the three Florida case study agencies, four transit agencies outside Florida were contacted and interviewed on their experiences with the use of bus simulators in their operator training programs. The Research Team asked agencies to provide any relevant data they may have collected to track the performance of the simulator training to allow for a more robust discussion of safety improvements that may have resulted. The report also provides insight from the transit agencies’ perspectives on how their simulators are utilized, and offers important perspective on lessons learned and best and model practices. … Read entire article »

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