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Social Equity and Bikesharing Netconference

On May 3, 2012, the Federal Transit Administration and NCTR co-hosted a free netconference, Social Equity and Bikesharing.  Bikesharing systems are rolling out all over the country, attracting new riders to bicycling as transportation, and providing a convenient way to access other transit services.  But a significant challenge for system planners and managers is ensuring that this new and exciting means of transportation can be accessed by a wide cross-section of the community.  This webinar provided an overview of exciting and innovative ways that systems are pursuing social equity in bikesharing, and provide summaries and lessons learned from Capital Bikeshare in Arlington, VA, and Hubway in Boston, MA.

 Speakers –

  • Darren Buck is a graduate student at the Virginia Tech Alexandria Campus researching bikesharing, and is currently working on issues of first and last mile public transportation trips with the Federal Transit Administration’s Office of Research, Development, and Innovation.  Copy of Darren Buck’s slides
  • Daisy De La Rosa is a Project Director with the Boston Public Health Commission, which provides subsidized Hubway memberships and helmets to qualifying Boston residents. Copy of Daisy De La Rosa’s slides
  •  Chris Eatough is the Program Manager for BikeArlington, an initiative of Arlington County, Virginia to encourage and enable more people to go by bike more often. Copy of Chris Eatough’s slides


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