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Niche Marketing Strategies: The Role of Special-Purpose Transportation Efforts in Attracting and Retaining Transit Users

Journal of Public Transportation Article in Volume 3, Issue 3 (2000) by J. Joseph Cronin, Jr., Florida State University, Roscoe Hightower, Jr., Florida A&M University, Michael K. Brady, Boston College        


This study evaluates the use of public transit niche strategies as an alternative marketing strategy designed to attract and retain new public transit riders. Four niche efforts, a university football shuttle, professional football shuttle, summer metropolitan park shuttle, and suburban subscription vanpool are the focus of the investigation. A total of 738 intercepts provide the data for the research. The researchers conclude that niche marketing efforts are an effective strategy, and therefore should be an important tool in the public transit industry’s efforts to attract and retain new riders in order to offset the prolonged decline in public transit market share.


  • Florida Department of Transportation
  • US Department of Transportation



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